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SV8K TP Update Feb 04 2012

For SV8000HD receiver only

****NOTE: This file is ONLY for DN and BEV sats and 97W it contains No Sat info for "true FTA" Please do not load this file if you use the receiver for true FTA> Thank you.****

TP data updated for known data as of Feb 04 2010
Sats updated 61.5, 72.7, 82, 91, 97, 110, 118.7, 119, 129
Backup your own channel list and write down all your dish settings before using this file
No need to factory reset or delete sats before loading this file
If you want to keep this tp data uncorrupted on your receiver do not scan with network search on....always red button scan with
network search off when using known good tp data.
For best scanning results scan the sat then when scan done choose no for saving channels at the prompt then scan once more
....that establishes all the s/w links and gives you better scan

Instructions :
(1) load file on receiver same way as any .bin file
(2) go into dish settings and set up all your settings as per your hardware for all sats you use, but do not scan sats..exit & save
at this point.
(3) save channel lists to usb stick name it "SV8Kblank"
(4) go back into dish setting & red button scan with network search off when scan completes choose no at prompt for save then
scan again & save.
Anytime in future you wish to rescan or repair a corrupted channel list just load your saved "SV8Kblank" file on receiver it will
delete your sats and rewrite correct tp data and it will enter all your dish setting ready for fresh scan.


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