dish network

  1. J

    pansat 2700

    what is dish settings for true fta with a dish 500 dish 500 lnb
  2. A

    [ALERT!] dish info

    I have not use my vs2000 for over five years due to relocating I am in new York and want to know what type of dish and sat finder do I buy to be able to see some good shows cable is as expensive here in the city ..HELP
  3. F

    iks providers

    Hello. I have Dish HD. Have a Dreamlink T5. I have satellites 61.5 and 72. I am located in Northeast Ohio. Can anyone please tell me who would support these satellites?
  4. A

    [Help!] Very Odd Signal Problem

    Hello, Few weeks ago I installed a satellite mast in my backyard. It is about 3 metres tall. I have a 36" motorized dish. My dish is aimed correctly, I land perfectly on every satellite along the horizon. (82, 91, 110, 118.8, 119, 129). I am having trouble receiving signal from some tp's, maybe...
  5. A

    [Help!] New set up but no channels

    I am new at setting up FTA and could use some help. I live in Northern California about 135 miles North of the Golden Gate bridge. All the research I have done indicates that the Dish 500, 22x24 oval, will give good results. What I have is an Mvidea FS-4000 receiver, still looking for the...
  6. S

    hello from spearfishman

    Trying to get back into this fta scene after several years absent. Last I dealt with it was when we had a black out because of nag3 deployment (I know I am so out of date). So I sort dismantled the dish and took a break. Anyway, I am so out of dated, hope to get up to speed again. Last I...
  7. S

    4DTV C-Band

    In case anyone has a 4dtv receiver that they haven't sold yet there is a guy in Chicago under the name C-band Forever/ Glentech who is advertising that he replaces batteries and remaps these receivers. He has burned countless people and it has been documented on many FTA sites on the net. If you...
  8. U

    [Problem!] Hi and help needed

    Hey Everybody This is my first post and wanted to say I've been browsing around this forum and it is great!. I was an avid tester awhile back until Charlie killed the waves. Now I finally cut the cable with commiecast and am dusting off my old fortec receiver and want to get some fta channels...
  9. T

    SELFSAT Satellite antenna

    Hi i live in a APT bilding whear you can't put up an 30'' Dish . I So i see an antenna online call SELFSAT H21HD IS IT ONLY FOR UK .? CAN YOU GET IT IN USA. An wher can i get it to buy:)
  10. T

    [Awesome!] 18'' Dish LNB

    as any one used circlar & linear LNB ON AN 18'' Dish can it work ?
  11. P

    Hello, everybody

    I'm not involve at all, with this theme, I just have an CW-800s captive works 3 or 4 years ago. is it possible to get signal From DISH or with other SAT? At the beginning I use Bin File, and it works so easy? It is in the same way, or I need to do other things? Where are really the files ?
  12. T

    Rusty Dish?

    I spent a good portion of the day on the roof adjusting the dish:grumpy2:. I could not get the signal back. I was getting 119 but not 110, the DL was confusing the two and 129 it said was out of range. So I figured true south was no longer true and I needed to make adjustments. Magnetic...
  13. 5


    Hi Guys New to the forums and wanted to ask if someone can lead me in the right direction? My parents had a CW-600S Premium and a satellite dish installed. But I'm looking to learn how to program and use it myself. The are some particular channels such as Hindi, Farsi (Persian) and Pashto...
  14. D

    Hello Allow me to Introduce myself

    I am a MCSE Systems Engineer here in the uk and i got a dishhead a dishhead yep thats right one day i was on the roof the wind blew i fell off the roof and the 6 foot dish fell on me head yep thats right so i got a steel plate in me head so my buddy said lets call you doctordishhead i accepted...
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    Big Howdy,,,

    Hello and a big howdy,,,, Keep on aRockin',,,
  16. S

    [Confused!] Need help getting Anik 3 Russian channels

    Two years ago I had Charlie Russian channels . Wife had it turned off. ( FRUGAL woman). Now I have a Limesat Ultra , Pluss dish, DP Pro LNB 1-dual and 1-single, and cant get a lock on 118.7 to see internationals. Every time I try I add more dupplicated channels to 119. Someone told me my...
  17. mike_winnipeg

    [Info!] eliptical dish modification

    i am letting the group know of my adventure with a s***choice dish and making it work on 110 + 119 ,could also be used on 82 + 91 i did not put a lnb holder on the end of the arm , i just replaced the old lnb with the circular type. i then took the arm off the dish and drilled a 1/4 hole approx...
  18. mike_winnipeg

    [General Question?] transponder settings

    I have been reading and the transponder settings i have found when you are first setting up your dish and box is as follows. transponder settings 12224 for bev 91 + 82 and dish 110 , anf for dish 119 you change it to transponder 12239. I have used these setting but my signal and quality have...
  19. askendria

    Iks server service list

    IKS Server service list: Know the following first before getting a server service At this time no public server services available. Some of these servers service are available for everyone. While other servers service are referral only. Some servers has website and some don’t. All in the list...
  20. W

    lnb for motorised dish

    which lnb is best for motorised dish with dual outs for 110,119,and 129 and can they give trouble.some transponders dont scan the channels in.also great signal,no quality on some.any ideas.