Sex offender arrested in Regina to be released


A convicted sex offender who was previously released from prison and then arrested by the Regina police is scheduled to get out again in three months, National Parole Board documents say.

Benjamin Moore, 39, was sentenced to two years and two months for inappropriately touching a young child, possessing child pornography and other offences.

He was released to a halfway house Nov. 18, 2010, with several conditions, including that he stay away from people under 16 and not use a computer to contact young people.

But according to the parole board, the day after he was released, Moore went to a shopping mall, bought a cell phone and used it to talk to his adult girlfriend.

"Further investigations revealed numerous downloaded photos of provocative, sexualized images of female characters, a ring tone of a small child singing a lullaby and text messages to your girlfriend which were very sexual in nature," a Feb. 10 parole board report said.

Moore was arrested Dec. 1, 2010 after a warrant of apprehension and suspension of statutory release was issued by the Correctional Service of Canada.

By law, he will be released again on May 17. The parole board says Moore is at high risk to reoffend sexually or violently.

"You are described as being a manipulative, aggressive and angry individual who is a predatory sexual offender that accesses vulnerable women to sexually assault their children," the report said.

At a hearing on Thursday, the board ordered new conditions on Moore's next period of statutory release, including a requirement that he not use any technological device, including a phone, that would allow him to download pornography or contact minors.

The board also said it wants restricted leave privileges at the residence Moore next stays in.