Teen wakes from coma to ticket


LAS VEGAS -- After waking up from a weeklong coma, Las Vegas teenager Takara Davis learned that police stopped by her hospital room to deliver her a jaywalking ticket.

"It was hard for me to be in the hospital and I didn't know what happened," Takara said.

On Jan. 4, Takara was walking home from school with friends when, as she crossed an intersection near Flamingo Road on Durango Drive, a car driving 45 mph hit her.

She was rushed to University Medical Center and placed in a medically induced coma. It was during that time that her mother said officers stopped by to issue the ticket.

"I just swallowed that big lump and rode it through," said Kellie Obong, Takara's mother.

The intersection where Takara was hit is a legal crosswalk even though there are no markings, the Department of Motor Vehicles said. Last week a judge dismissed the jaywalking ticket.

"I was so mad because I think I know where I was," Takara said. "It wasn't busy where it was, but there was a part to walk on and I think I was there."

The teen has injuries to the front and back of her head and to her elbow and knee, but the extent of her injuries is still unknown.

Takara and her mother plan to file a lawsuit against the driver and the owner of the car that hit her. FOX5's attempts to contact the driver were unsuccessful.