[Question?] TV audio connections


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Hi everyone, I'm new around here and looking for advice, please.

I have a Toshiba TV/DVD player, mounted on a fixed bracket. It has one SCART connector and one stereo headpone connector on the back. putting a plug in the h/p jack cuts off the internal speakers.

I want to be able to listen either to the internal speakers or through headphones. So, I wired up a scart plug and connected the audio outputs (pins 1,3,4)to my cordless headphone driver, works a treat. The constant audio output allows me to vary the volume using the h/p control, and I can mute the speakers. Thia is OK when viewing TV, but if I put in a DVD, the screen shows the DVD scene, but the scart audio output is still the TV channel. Doh!!

Does anyone know how to source the DVD audio??