Twins missing after Toronto-born man dies in Italy


A search is on in Europe for six-year-old twin girls who went missing after their Toronto-born father's body was found at a southern Italian train station.

Matthias Schepp, 43, and his daughters Alessia and Livia had been living in Switzerland, freelance reporter Megan Williams told CBC News.

Their parents separated about six months ago, Williams said, but it was not immediately clear how long Schepp had been living outside Canada.

The man was supposed to take the girls away for the weekend in late January, but he didn't come back and crossed into France.

On Jan. 31, he withdrew several thousand dollars from a bank in Marseille, in southern France, and sent a postcard to the mother in Switzerland from there.

Shortly after, he drove to southern Italy, where his body was found at a train station in Cerignola on Thursday, an apparent suicide. Nobody knows whether the girls travelled with the father either to France or Italy.

There is a massive search near the train station in the southern region of Puglia, Williams said, and smaller searches in Switzerland and France.

Foreign Affairs say they aware of reports about the death and the missing girls and are in contact with local authorities to gather information and to provide consular assistance if needed.