U.S. diplomat ordered held in Pakistan


-- A Pakistani judge has ordered that a U.S. consular employee accused of killing two Pakistanis can be held for eight more days, a court official said Thursday.

Raymond Davis will remain in the custody of Pakistani authorities in the latest ruling related to the killing of two Pakistani boys late January.

The decision is an extension of a ruling a judge made earlier this week.

The American was driving in a busy area known as Kartaba Chawk when two boys on a motorcycle tried to rob him, police official Faisal Rana, has said. The American shot both boys, he said.

The U.S. Embassy has defended Davis' actions.

"The diplomat acted in self-defense when confronted by two armed men on motorcycles," the embassy said, without identifying Davis by name. "The diplomat had every reason to believe that the armed men meant him bodily harm."

The two men, who have a criminal history, had robbed a Pakistani citizen at gunpoint in the same area minutes earlier, the embassy said.

The diplomat's arrest violates the Vienna Convention, to which Pakistan is a signatory, the embassy said.

After the shooting, the boys' families filed a complaint against the consular employee, accusing him of two murders, a police spokesman said.