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    [Problem!] Hi and help needed

    Hey Everybody This is my first post and wanted to say I've been browsing around this forum and it is great!. I was an avid tester awhile back until Charlie killed the waves. Now I finally cut the cable with commiecast and am dusting off my old fortec receiver and want to get some fta channels...
  2. No Warranty

    [Tip:] Windows 7 Program startup registry locations

    Here are the Windows 7 programs startup registry locations: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and...
  3. 1

    limesat port problem

    limesat ultra no internet connection lights on port not working cable ok remover cover and re pluged port what to do next
  4. A

    [Confused!] Ilink IS-9000+ on PS (NEED HELP PLEASE)

    I have an Ilink IS-9000+ i have a donation code for NFPS im trying to get it up and running to no avail! :confusion: I have everything setup right and Ive tried every file I can to get the Private Server running! any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  5. No Warranty

    [Solved] Windows 7 is not showing the correct amount of RAM in Computer Properties window

    I was having a problem with my Windows 7 not showing the right amount of RAM I had here's how I solve the problem: 1. Click Start, type msconfig in the Search programs and files box and enter. 2. In the System Configuration window click Boot and then click Advanced options. 3. Click to clear...

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816

    CW 650 classic CAID 1816 instructions: 1.-put in BOOT mode the cw650 (press at the same time power button on the frontal panel and the rear power switch) 2.-open the loader ver.1.02 for 650,s boxes 3.-click on START 4.- Do a factory default 5.-scan yours sats...
  7. FTA Hacker

    Marine gets the boot for Facebook posting

    The Marine Corps said Wednesday it has decided to discharge a sergeant who was harshly critical of U.S. President Obama on Facebook. Sgt. Gary Stein was singled out when he posted a message on Facebook in March: "Screw Obama. I will not follow all orders from him." Told he might have violated...
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    Having young kids keeps Canadians from voting booth

    A Statistics Canada survey has found low turnout rates especially for people with kids under the age of five, with single parents the least likely to cast a ballot. More...

    [New file] 2500 to BOOT PUFF (LZMA)

    2500 to BOOT PUFF (LZMA) HERE the file 2500 convertion to BOOT PUFF(LZMA)
  10. CASPER

    2500/FLU IKS-AUTO ID bin.

    2500/FLU IKS-AUTO ID bin. For-PUFF-LZMA-Boot. (clone/safe) As always. Use at your own risk! "2500-LZMA-V211-IKS-AUTO" Prov-ID is pulled from stream. Requires one ID remap. -------------- Uses RQ-SSSP-Client "coolsat" protocol. caid_mappings=1841:1815...
  11. CASPER

    [New file] LZMA boot file.

    LZMA boot file. Compatible with "2500-LZMA-V216-IKS" files.
  12. CASPER

    [New Fix] 2500/FLU IKS bins.

    2500/FLU IKS bins. For PUFF LZMA boot. 2500/FLU IKS. Test at your own risk. Setup RQ-SSSP-Client for coolsat protocol.
  13. D

    Nfusion help please

    Please help i need info to get my NFUSION up, i am using Private Server info on I-LINK and it is working great. I been reading that Nfusion is up on Private Server but i can't find (boot_v1.33.bin file) is there any other way to get it up and running. Thanks for any useful info.
  14. P

    Cnx nano 2 and using it as i-link error with conversion back to nano 2

    I really did a dumb thing....had not used my CNX Nano 2 as I-link for one year and even forgot I converted it....plugged it in and thought I would do a factory I don't know what files it needs, as the factory default supposedly erased the satellites and I believe my server...
  15. No Warranty

    Boot loop fix v2 for Vs 9000 HD

    This is a very large file it will take 20+ minutes to load.. Use loader2 it may or may not give you errors.. The progress bar will act out of range after awhile this is normal because the loader is not designed for large files... Load as a normal bin file and wait until it reboots , programs and...
  16. FTA Hacker

    Read and Write data transfer speeds of SSDs?

    I am pondering with regards to the read and write data transfer speeds of SSDs... Which one is best, should I purchase an ssd such as: Crucial 128GB Real SSD C400 having: Read speed of: 355MB/sec Write speed of: 140MB/sec or OCZ vertex 2 120gb which has: Read speed of: 285MB/sec Write...
  17. CASPER

    Limesat HD MAX Japan v212 0812 bin

    Best file to use with Limesat HD MAX. Information Solved: "Hello Boot" or any other Loading issues with Limesat HD MAX You can load this file from any limesat HD Max file. You can even load this file when stuck in "Hello boot" directly with the loader. No need to load 3 different...
  18. CASPER

    Limesat HD MAX RS232 Loader

    Limesat HD MAX RS232 Loader Limesat Japan ------------------------------------- To use the Loader. You will need a Null modem Cable, a 9 pin Serial Port on your Computer and set to Port 1. If your Computer has no Serial port then you will need to to use a USB to serial Adapter...
  19. chrisp77

    nfusion hd blue light with no boot

    so my nfusion hd froze then i flipped the switch and the display showed 222222222222 and thats all it did then i did it about now the blue lights the only thing on anyone have any idea whats wrong with it
  20. CASPER

    [New file] Xfactor X1v3.01 Package

    Xfactor X1v3.01 Package Here is the answer to the two Dot ( : ) issue for the X1 When two dots : appear on the front display of the X1, this means the boot loader is corrupt. This can only happen when someone tries to load an incorrect file into the X1 via the serial loader program. For some...