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Xfactor X1v3.01 Package

Here is the answer to the two Dot ( : ) issue for the X1

When two dots : appear on the front display of the X1, this means the boot loader is corrupt.

This can only happen when someone tries to load an incorrect file into the X1 via the serial loader

For some reason, people are not reading the release notes and/or instructions posted on the forums.
What some people have been doing is

1)Not even bothering to upgrade the X1 software
2)Trying to use the dongle with the factory software still in the X1
3)Force loading the dongle file (DGX) into the X1 with the Serial Loader program Then “BOOM!!! :”
The two dots appear.

Please forget the Serial Loader Tool exists. It was designed to be used with files of the past and should only be used by people with extensive knowledge and experience.

In this release I have included the following:

1) A 12 page detailed PDF Instruction manual with photos & examples (new)

2) X1 Release Notes text file

3) X1v3.01.ABS Upgrade file for the X1 (new)

4) v3.01.DGX Upgrade file for the dongle (new)

5) An updated PDF channel list (updated)


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