1. No Warranty

    Dreambox HD channel list 129 110 118 118 61.5

    This a channel list for Dreambox. If you have a Dreambox with the Skywalker 1 that has been modified to your Dreambox, than this if for you! This will make it so you can watch HD channels on your Dreambox. I didn't think it was true but it is. and here is the list 118.7 Anik F3, Echostar 14...
  2. G

    loaded 104 now i am not connecting?

    loaded 104 now i am not connecting? is there a certain order to install the files....also i do not understand the "factory default" thing? does it not erase the 104 and 9.12 and channel list file when i do this??

    Abadss site got Served From Echostar Served From Echostar Important issues About Attachments from Abadss- 1- scan the attachments before using it. 2- Please report any bad files by posting a message in the General Discusssion area. 3- Use at your own risk.
  4. W

    [Not Working!] 61.5w Echostar 3 No Longer test channels not working

    TMP46 - 4816 - Telemundo 12545 / V / 20000 / 7/8/ 61.5 TMP50 - 4820 - ABC 12545 / V / 20000 / 7/8/ 61.5 TMP26 - 4825 - CBS 12545 / V / 20000 / 7/8/ 61.5 TMP56 - 4826 - NBC WKYC 312545 / V / 20000 / 7/8/ 61.5 (Cleveland) TMP57 - 4827 - ABC 5 12545 / V / 20000 / 7/8/ 61.5 TMP69 - 4835 - CBS 13...
  5. Scammer

    [Attention] DN Channel Changes 1/19/11

    115 Changes Channel Additions: 5194(13) - WNYA [MPEG4 HD] added to Echostar12 61.5W TP 03 Spotbeam 3 (Mkt:Albany, NY-Pittsfield, MA-MY) (NA) 9135(5) - WNGS [MPEG2 SD] added to EchoStar10 110W TP 27 Spotbeam 09 (Mkt:Buffalo, NY-Springville, NY-RTN) (NA) 9135(5) - WNGS [MPEG4 SD] added to...
  6. W

    Help got box working on 110 need to get 119 now any hel pls

    Need # for 119 pls help i m a man without a country
  7. Rameye

    [Not Working!] cannot get channels 101 or 200

    Have sv8k unit and trying the svlan.following instructions. svlan attatched,entered label s/n in IP config,wiznet at 4.8 version.scanned 110 and 119 plenty of channels but channels 101 and 200 are missing."network adapter connected on bootup" but... No service or as far as it will...
  8. W

    nano premium

    just got box able to download movies to usb stick but that is all at this time NOCH YET SCANNED GOT CH BUT ALL SCRAMBLED :afro2:
  9. T

    [Question?] good or bad box

    hello i have a viewsat platinum lite and i need to find out what i can still watch with box i am fixing to update as soon as cable gets here i can pick up echostar real good but all channels are locked or encrypted how do i solve that or should i just throw it away or can i still use my...
  10. A

    Dm100 Problem

    All my channels are still scrambled. I got my DM100 V2 and loaded 221A. Did my factory reset, went to the expert menu 0101. Typed the correct information for my paid subscription. 1. 00000000000000 Port: 10610, 10710 Server Name: DES KEY - Enter 6103 4034 4540 6970 9871 2341...
  11. F

    [Noobie Question?] viewsat ultra

    Can anyone please tell me if they are currently able to watch BEV 91 or EchoStar 110? Or is it just me and I have done something wrong. Thanks, FurryMurray
  12. F

    [Noobie Question?] View Sat Ultra not working??

    I have a Viewsat Ultra and I have not used it for a couple years. I just recently found out that they are back up.. I have aimed the dish, 73 signal and Quality bounces from 60 to 75. I have loaded the latest code I could find 100909. I am trying to get Echo Star 110.W I am in Southern Alberta...

    Dark Angel IKS / Search and Seizure

    Dark Angel IKS / Search and Seizure C/P from another site August 17th, 2010 In late July 2010, DISH Network, EchoStar Technologies, NagraStar and Bell TV commenced legal actions against an organization known as Dark Angel. Injunctions have been obtained and civil search orders executed...
  14. CASPER

    [Attention] DN uplink Activity..May 18

    c/p thanks goes to viewtech DN uplink Activity..May 18 DN Uplink Activity Report - 5/18/2010 11:46am - 8 changes Uplink Comparison Range: 05/18/2010 11:25A - 05/18/2010 11:45A Channel Package Flag Changes: 213 - NASA [MPEG2 SD] - EchoStar11 110W TP 01 ConUS beam changed to Not Available...

    [Attention] Echostar 14 transition information

    Echostar 14 transition information -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This weekend (very probably saturday begins his operation with exellent footprint for the usa and south canada) looks like in florida you can get it with a spoon! Here are some...

    [Wow!] Injunction Granted Against Satellite Piracy Forum Web Site (H**hHU)

    c/p On May 11, 2010, EchoStar, NagraStar, and Bell ExpressVu obtained an injunction against Lance Pellettier a.k.a. "Paramount" of Ontario, Canada, which prevents him from operating the H**hHU piracy forum web site, selling FTA receivers through other web sites, and otherwise participating in...
  17. CASPER

    [Info!] Footprint of echo 14

    Footprint of echo 14 c/p thanks goes to Tech07 for this info... The new echostar 14 has now predicted footprint on march was launched to 138.5w to make tests and was moving to 119w the process completes on May 10 and the same day begins operartions on 119w it has a very good footprint...

    [New file] Current CNX .SDB Transponder File

    Current CNX .SDB Transponder File For those of you who don't keep up with uplink reports and don't know how to manually update your transponder information for recent changes, the attached .SDB file for CNX receivers has complete and accurate transponder information for the following satellites...

    Dishnet losses court case , Fines could reach 300+ million

    SkyREPORT The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Court has upheld a lower court's ruling that Charlie Ergen's EchoStar and DISH are still in violation of TiVo's patent, despite the companies' claims of major alterations to bypass TiVo's invention. The cost of the 2-1 ruling is likely to...
  20. CASPER

    THE Official Word is out today. Nagra 3 Is Compromised!‏

    C/P From Wed 2/10/10 The Global Dungeon Underground THE Official Word is out today. Nagra 3 Is Compromised!‏ We have Official Word From a Viewsat/CNX Spokesman that the Nagra 3 Release STAND ALONE BIN is coming within the next couple weeks. They expect many of the FTA Units will be back in...