1. A

    What is a good value for this laptop?

    How much would you expect this laptop top sell for (new)?Just trying to make an informed decision on a new laptop.Thanks.Sony VAIOIntel Core 2 Duo, T8300, 2.4 GHz3 GB Ram400 GB Harddrive17" Full HD Screen (1920x1200)Ge Force 8600GTBD-RE Drive (Blu-Ray Burner) (Also reads and burns all DVD/CD...
  2. I

    How to wipe harddrive with Windows Millenium using command prompt?

    I have a laptop with Windows Millenium on it. I want to wipe the hole harddrive windows as well. I have tryed using command prompt "format c:" then clicking Y but says in use so cant do the format anyways round this? i have also tryed FDISK but didnt do anything. Anyone have a quide or tips how...
  3. S

    How do you save a computer game to your harddrive?

    I want to save Roller Coaster Tycoon to my harddrive so I don't have to keep using the CD.
  4. B

    Can I copy a game from my computer onto an external harddrive?

    My computer had almost no memory, so I bought an external. Is there a way I can copy a game (Guild Wars, if it matters) onto my external harddrive and still be able to access it as if it was on my internal harddrive?
  5. D

    How to tell if i have a broken harddrive?

    i picked up my laptop and the front of it,hit my shin,i just want to know could that cause a broken harddrive and if so what are the signs?
  6. T

    I bought a new larger harddrive for my computer, How do I transfer all files including windows from old to new

    The bigger harddrive i have, has an illegal copy of windows on it but my older smaller harddrive has a registered copy. I dont want to just slave the new one, Does anyone know HOw i can do that.
  7. C

    I used DBAN to erase my old harddrive. How many times should I overwrite ?

    Using DBAN to erase my harddrive, I used the RCMP option, wherein the harddrive was overwritten 8 times. I could use the Guttman option, where the harddrive is overwritten 35 times. Is that necessary ?
  8. M

    How can I transfer files from one laptop to another without an external harddrive or flash drive?

    I need to grab some files off my old laptop but I don't have a flash drive or a harddrive. I've tried a regular USB cord with no luck so is there any other way? I don't want to have to email the files.
  9. Z

    How do I add movies to my harddrive?

    I bought the dark knight and want to save it to my harddrive so I don't have to use the disc, help?
  10. Lionheart12

    How to take OS files from 1 harddrive, and put on another 1 without an OS disc?

    I want to take the WinXP OS files from 1 harddrive and put them on another 1 to setup WinXP on it. I don't have an OS disc. Where can I find the files on my drive? Can I even do this? Is is illegal to do so?
  11. L

    How do you add a second internal harddrive to a G3 iBook?

    I have a G3 iBook with a 10 GB HD, and would like to add a harddrive in addition to the one already in it.
  12. J

    How to transfer EVERYTHING from my old Harddrive to my new one?

    I have been told a application will transfer everything from an old harddrive to a new one, where can I get an application like this?When I say everything I mean everything, including the Operating system (Vista)
  13. M

    Can I transfer data from a internal harddrive to a removable one?

    I got an xbox 360 slim for Christmas but it's just the 4GB so I'm planning on buying a 250GB removable harddrive and I was wondering can I put all my profiles, add-ons, etc. On the removable or do I have to start all over?
  14. I

    How can I transfer files onto my harddrive?

    I have a new harddrive, but being the opposite of tech-savvy, I don't know how to transfer files to it. How can I achieve this?
  15. L

    Can a virus from my external harddrive spread into my new mac and cause trouble?

    Ok so i've got this malicious microsoft-ic virus that somehow got into my external harddrive. It's called 32Willy or Willy32 if I'm not wrong. If I put this hardware into my mac, will the virus cause trouble since macs are supposedly not able to get ruined because of PC viruses? Thank you all.
  16. T

    How difficult is it to fix/undue an error when partitioning a harddrive?

    I'm thinking of partitioning my harddrive in order to install ubuntu as a second OS. All documentation I've read so far says that the ubuntu install disc will handle partitioning for you automatically with minimal input required.
  17. Dude

    How do investigators uncover what criminals search for online? Are all input queries saved on the harddrive?

    For example, even if I clear my internet history, will my hard drive still record this question? Theoretically, if I looked up porn, is that filed on my harddrive as well? Basically, is all internet activity stored on the computer harddrive? Is it possible to remove these logs? Just curious. Thanks.
  18. P

    How do you defrag a harddrive on an apply macbook?

    I do not have much space left on my computer how could i make more? How do i defrag the harddrive?
  19. JoeShmoe

    How long does it take to format a 1tb external scsi harddrive?

    This harddrive I bought from ebay takes a really long time to transfer data. I've been trying to format it, but it seems to take Hours. Did I buy a lemon or does it really take that long to format a 1tb drive? I've run DSKCHK /r on it and during the last stage it said "not enough free space for...
  20. R

    How can I export my entire itunes library to an external harddrive?

    I have almost 10,000 songs in my itunes library, and they are slowing down my computer. I would like to export them all to an external harddrive to free up space on my computer. Ideally I would like to have my entire itunes collection on the external harddrive and then whenever I want to...