1. J


    Hello and thanks in advance, Recently I switched my ISP from DSL to cable. For lack of a long explanation I needed the 30GB capability plus switching to VOIP with sprint because they gave me the Airwave and Phone Connect Boxes needed because of signal to tower issues and now full bars on the...
  2. No Warranty

    Should you fear new ISP copyright enforcers?

    A partnership announced today between big entertainment companies and some of the nation's largest Internet service providers will not mean the end of online piracy. To be sure, the parties involved know this. Check this article out. What do you guys think?
  3. Lionheart12

    How to take OS files from 1 harddrive, and put on another 1 without an OS disc?

    I want to take the WinXP OS files from 1 harddrive and put them on another 1 to setup WinXP on it. I don't have an OS disc. Where can I find the files on my drive? Can I even do this? Is is illegal to do so?
  4. W

    prem bck up and running

    most ch coming in lost 8104 136 and a few others
  5. 7

    [General Question?] WF are we down?

    Just returned from work and nothing, are we down on the viewsat WF?
  6. O

    Nano Premiun With DirecTV SlimLine HD Dish

    I need help How set up my receiver with DirecTV SlimLine HD Dish, please any body wants to help me
  7. A

    Dm100 Problem

    All my channels are still scrambled. I got my DM100 V2 and loaded 221A. Did my factory reset, went to the expert menu 0101. Typed the correct information for my paid subscription. 1. 00000000000000 Port: 10610, 10710 Server Name: DES KEY - Enter 6103 4034 4540 6970 9871 2341...
  8. Scammer

    Airplane parts falls from the sky in Rush County

    RUSH COUNTY, Ind. - Federal authorities are on the way to Rush County because of what two farmers found in two fields in the last two days. Jim Bob Smith and his two boys have farmed for decades in Rush County. "I run the grain cart and he was dumping in and all of a sudden he had to stop...
  9. D

    What is the difference between a wireless router and a wireless modem?

    If I have a wireless modem, is there any need for a router? And can anyone suggest the name of a good wireless modem??Thanks
  10. D

    One more time 360 premier

    OK............................... 1. Checked my LNB's at my friends=Good 2. Excellent sig and quality both sats are in the 90's for both 3. All sat settings are correct with my dish and LNB's 4. Great scan 700 channels between the 2 birds 5. Factory defaulted 3 times/system cleaned 3 times/...
  11. A

    [General Question?] BOXING: In This Corner We HAVE >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    QUESTION ONE: Is PPV Boxing and UFC viewable (when available) on stations 454 thru 458 with the Weather Forecaster? QUESTION TWO: I read that someone is selling Mexico private ISP Server address numbers for only ten dollars a month. The seller claims that he is currently running up to twenty...
  12. V

    ihub 2.2 problem

    Hello. I had V2.1 before and saw this new version 2.2. I did the upload and now it's completely blank on the WizNet. I go to upload to try the 2.1 again and it won't even let me upload anything, it doesn't give me any message, the screen just cleared everything there when i uploaded 2.2. Please...

    [Attention] cnx-nano and nano2 up/down

    looks like nano been down for the past hr.
  14. bruksn

    Default passwords: Change them or lose

    I've been struggling with my security issues due to the leaking sieve of a modem my isp, v-zon, requires me to use. I've tried Actiontec 704wg & 701wg, Westell 6100, 327w & 7500. It seems that these are compromised within 3 to 6 months each time. Yes I change usernames & passwords frequently...
  15. T

    What could cause a wireless router from putting out a signal?

    I have a brand new wireless N router and although all of my computers are wireless G they still pick it up. Sometimes; however, the connection to the network disappears on all of the computers in the house simultaneously. What could be causing this?

    FBI Arrests Alleged Cable Modem Hacker (PC World)

    FBI Arrests Alleged Cable Modem Hacker (PC World) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- C/P... U.S. federal authorities arrested a 26-year-old man on Thursday for allegedly selling modified cable modems that enabled free Internet access, according...
  17. ricklbert

    [New file] SONYSAT NEW Showme X2 ROM file upgrade

    SONYSAT NEW Showme X2 ROM file upgrade C/P Today our ISP will update a good part of all software installed on the system our server is running on. The maintenance 'BRAIN" is as follows: JAN 21, 2010 09:30Am-1:00Pm ET The actual downtime that will affect all services will be 3 Hour or maybe...
  18. archange187

    Working Channels List update 1/05/2010

    "Sonicview iHub Working Channels List" You are looking at the new format of our automated channel list. This list is maintained by our team to help keep you updated on the latest known working channels using the Sonicview iHub solution. 409 Dish Network Working Channels... Official...
  19. CASPER


    IKSlingerVersion2.04 IKSlingerVersion2.04 -UDP packet arrival confirmation from client to server and server to client. No more dropped packets, even with a "noisy" internet channel. -proper reply to CMD04 during bootup; should eliminate all tiers problems related to missing ppv, buy channel...
  20. CASPER

    [Attention] In Europe N3 cracked

    This is some info from forums in Europe where they post frequently the keys and fixes and also the boxes that can open N3 card less, we hope here in America n3 can be cracked soon. rqcs part: how to use private card share for you and your friends with neosat. you can either run rqcs server...