Body found during renovation



- Construction workers remodeling a home in the Senatobia Lakes community were stunned Wednesday when they stumbled upon human bones.

Around 5:45 p.m. Wednesday, the Tate County Sheriff's Department responded to a call that humans remains were found under the house.

According to Sheriff Brad Lance, the construction crew had ripped up the flooring in one area of the house. While in the crawlspace, the workers discovered the bones on the ground underneath a pile of insulation.

"Right now we're in the process of trying to confirm the identity of this person," Lance said.

Tamika Jackson believes the bones are the remains of her uncle, Charlie T. Williams, who lived in the house and went missing in August of 1995.

"This just brought back memories to the family, and everybody is in a wham just trying to find out if this is our uncle who went missing 15 years ago," she said.

Lance said the bones are likely tied Williams' disappearance, but couldn't confirm that until DNA from the bones is compared with DNA from one of Williams' children.

"They had dogs and four-wheelers riding around looking for him," said neighbor Debbie Weeks. "They had all kinds of people looking for him for days and they couldn't find him."

Another neighbor said police initially searched under the house.

"They said he crawled up under the house," said neighbor Morris Pope, "and looked and couldn't find anything."

Jackson said her uncle, who was 62 when he disappeared, had heart issues but still would work around the house.

"He could get around real good," she said. "He was a very smart, very smart, hard working man."

But Jackson said it was unlikely that Williams' heart simply gave out on him.

"But who knows? Somebody living on top of somebody all these years, not knowing? It's just bad. "It's a bad thing."

Even still, Jackson realizes this may be the answer the family has been wanting for years.

"If this is true maybe our family can finally be at closure," she said.

Williams lived in the house with his wife, children and grandchildren. His wife died two months ago.

Williams' daughter did not want to talk on camera but said this has been hard for the family.