Car crashes into Edmonton store




Witnesses say no one was seriously injured in an Edmonton crash after one car struck six others and smashed into the front of a clothing store.

The crash happened at about 12:15 p.m. Sunday MT at 112th Avenue and 65th Street.

Witnesses say a Buick rear-ended another car, crossed over the line into oncoming traffic and struck two more cars before hitting three parked vehicles and crashing into the front of Sabrina Butterfly Designs.

Store owner Sabrina O'Donnell said an employee and a customer were in the store at the time.

"They heard a whole bunch of cars honking, screeching and then a car just slammed into the side of the building," O'Donnell said.

"It went over three newspaper boxes … and then smashed, like, four windows, so the glass broke, and then right into the metal of the side of the building. And the building shook, like, really shook."

O'Donnell said the Buick blocked the door to the store, trapping the customer and the employee inside until emergency crews arrived. The employee was shaken up, but no one was injured.

O'Donnell said there was minor damage inside the store, but the bulk of the damage was to the building itself.

Kevin Barclay was in a neighbouring coffee shop when he heard the crash. He and another witness rushed to the scene to help the elderly couple out of the Buick.

"They were obviously shocked and a little bit addled by the whole event," Barclay said. "We were concerned about the gentleman … [he] was a little bit in rough shape.

"I think he was struggling and he had a hard time getting out of the car."

The man, who was driving, didn't have any obvious injuries, but Barclay believes he had a medical problem.

"It's just a shocking scene. We didn't know exactly what was happening. The most important thing for us was just trying to make sure that people were safe and they were OK."