GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 23 - Hotel Assassination


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This is the first of 5 Lester assassination missions. In order to be able to do this mission, you must first get a phone call from Lester, he will tell you that he has a job for you.

Once the "L" - shows up on the map, head to the way point in Del Perro Beach and watch the cut scene.

If you don't already have one of these - Head to Ammu-Nation and Buy either a Sniper Rifle or Sticky Bombs.

Now head to the hotel following the way point on your mini map.

Once here enter the parking garage near the hotel. The map marker is on a handicapped parking spot on the ground level.

The target will not be in sight. Before bringing him down, you will need to wait until he leaves the hotel.

You can assassinate the target in 3 ways.

1) First with "Guns-A-Blazing". Once you see the target, start shooting everyone in sight.

2) Second with Sticky Bombs. Sneak up to the front of the hotel and plant one of them on the black car. Make sure and plant the explosives under the car. If you put it on the sides, one of the bodyguards will spot it before it can go off.

3) ...and the third and best method, is with a Sniper Rifle.

Go to the parking garage's top level and keep your sights on the front door of the hotel. Wait for a guy in pink and then assassinate him.

Make sure you have a getaway car with you and take the jump off the side of the building. Keep driving until you complete the mission.

It's important you maintain your cover, however you assassinate the target.

For easy money, after you finish the assassinations, be sure to pay attention to the companies Lester mentions on the phone. For a couple of days in the game, put all your money in to them and then sell them all for a huge profit.

After this mission, invest in Betta Pharmaceuticals on the BAWSAQ stock exchange with all characters.

To get Gold:
  • Time - Finish the mission in 15 minutes and 30 seconds. Just don't miss.
  • Sniper Boy - Assassinate the target with a Sniper-Rifle. Do not shoot from the first level of the parking garage. you are easily spotted there.
  • Money Earned - Earn $9,000 from the assassination. How much you earn, depends on the quality of the assassination. So do it well.