GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 24 - The Multi-Target Assassination


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This is the second of five Lester assassination missions.

Drive to the gas station in Little Seoul marked on the map. To start the next Lester mission answer the pay phone.

Now a way point for the first target will appear on your map, head to Vespucci Beach. You're on a time limit for these assassinations, so move fast!

Your first target is a muscle-bound guy in the body building park. Find a hidden spot and shoot him from a distance. Evade the cops if necessary.

Now head down the beach to the next way point.

Just off the shore your second target is in a boat. Snipe him right from this parking lot, but Don't kill the dancing girl.

Now head to the third target in Vinewood.

Park across the street and snipe him from here. Scan up the building, you'll see a guy on a Window Cleaning Elevator. He's the target, take him out!

The fourth target is up in the hills of Vinewood. He's on a motorcycle. Once you catch him, use Franklin's special ability from your vehicle and gun him or his bike down.

After you finish the Assassinations, buy Debonair cigarette stock with all characters for some easy money!

To get Gold:
  • Time - Complete the mission before 7 minutes. I highly recommend using a motorcycle for these assassinations.
  • Money Earned - You will Earn $7,000 for these assassinations.