GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 36 - The Merryweather Heist (Freighter)


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To play this heist version, it will depend on the option you chose, at the end of the Scouting the Port mission.

If you chose the Freighter version of this heist, you will only require 1 heist setup mission called 'Minisub'.


NOTE: You must first finish the Minisub mission before you can begin this heist.

Drive to the way point at the pier.

Once here, you will see the sub hanging from a crane above a Freighter. Board the Freighter, wait for the guard to move away from you and go to the green dot on your mini map. Press the sub release button, jump in the water and drive it to the way point.

Once the sub is on the truck, drive the flatbed carefully to the final way point.

To get gold:

  • Mission Time - Finish the job in 8 minutes and 30 seconds
  • No Boarding - Steal the sub without boarding the boat. You can do this by shooting the cables holding the sub, with a Sniper Rifle.

The Merryweather Heist - Freighter version:

( For The Offshore version: )

NOTE: Before you can begin this heist, you will need to wait for Ron to call you. Complete other missions to kill time while you wait for the call. Alternatively, calling Ron may also get the mission started.

Head to Floyd's apartment to begin the mission.

Jump in Trevor's truck and drive it to the way point. Once there you will be automatically switched to Franklin. Go to his way point down the stairs at the side of the bridge.

Snipe the two guards quick before they can sound the alarm.

Switch to Michael and plant the first bomb right in front of him.

Move to the lower deck and take out any guards here.

Now plant the second bomb on the mast. Kill any guards that come.

Franklin will help shoot any guards in your way or you can switch to him and do it yourself. You can also shoot with Michael and use his special ability if needed.

Keep making your way to the rear of the ship.

Now plant the third bomb on another mast. More guards will come, take them out.

Keep heading to the back of the ship, go up the stairs and duck in the entrance.

Now you will be automatically switched too Franklin again. If you have trouble finding the guys, track their body heat signature with the infrared scope. Use your directional pad to switch it on.

Now use Franklin to snipe the Merryweather security driving up. As soon as the helicopter arrives, wait until it hovers and shoot the pilot. Don't wait too long or you will be killed.

Once Michael reappears, follow him and shoot anyone in his way.

Now bring up the cell phone contact list and choose 'Detonate' to explode the Freighter.

You will be automatically switched to Michael. Swim to the green way point. Use the sonar blips, which will get smaller as you get closer.

Once you find it, you will be automatically switched to Trevor. Pick it up and drive the sub to the way point.

To get gold:

  • Headshots - Kill 12 enemies with headshots. Do this easily with Franklin and his Sniper Rifle.
  • Accuracy - Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80 percent. Once you have all your headshots, aim for the guards chests.
  • Ninja - Kill twelve enemies using stealth tactics. Take your time, memorize patrol routes and creep up on guards from behind.
  • Container Hunter - Find the container within one minute. It's close to where Michael begins.
  • No Alarms - Get to the ship interior without detection. Just keep in Stealth Mode and don't run!