GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 5 - Father/Son


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This mission is a Michael mission, though Franklin can initiate it as well.

It begins at Michael's home, Michael is somewhat enjoying his retirement. But Franklin seems to have other ideas.

Entering the front door of Michael's home will trigger the cut scene. Alternatively, if you're playing as Franklin, walking into the backyard will also trigger the cut scene.

Once you get a call from Jimmy, run out to the front of the house and get in the red car. Wait for Franklin to follow. Unfortunately Franklin doesn't get a chance to drive, this means no slow motion ability. So drive carefully!

Once you spot the boat, follow it. The traffic should not be too much of a problem, but Watch for sudden crashes ahead.

Get up behind the yacht and keep the car nice and steady. Once he's standing up, Franklin will jump for the rear of the yacht. So long as the cut scene triggers, it does not matter how your car was positioned. Be careful during this part, as any crash will probably kill Franklin and force a retry.

Follow the boat for a while. Franklin will get into scuffles that he can handle on his own, all you need to worry about is driving.

Eventually Franklin will run into trouble and needs your help. Pull out your gun and fire at the thug who is attacking Franklin. Do not try and do this when a turn is coming up. You will most likely crash and need to retry the chase. Be careful to not shoot Franklin as well, just aim high.

When Michael's son swings out on the boats boom, get under him fast. It's not too tricky, he should fall right into the car as soon as you hit the checkpoint.

Now make sure to Keep up with the boat, sticking to the rear of it. Eventually you'll have to catch Franklin on the cars hood.

Once the car breaks down, turn around, you will be headed to the customs shop to get it repaired.

Then take Jimmy home as Franklin. Be sure to drive carefully and take no damage.

To get Gold:

  • Quick Catch - Rescue Jimmy within ten seconds. The moment Jimmy swings out, get the car underneath him. Good placement really helps here. Stick to the left side of the boat, and you should not have any trouble.
  • Not a Scratch -Deliver Amanda's car with no damage. Another fairly easy requirement. As long as you're not too careless. The drive from the customs shop to Michael's house is long. So keep cool and it shouldn't prove too taxing. Use Franklin's special ability, to maximize your chances of returning the car undamaged.