GTA 5 Walkthrough: Mission 56 - Pack Man


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This is the last of five Devin Weston car boosting missions.

Head to Lamar's house and go to the way point.

If you're not him already, you will be automatically switched to Franklin.

Drive in the back of the Glass Heroes Auto Repair.

Now jump in the car with Lamar and drive to the next way point without damaging the car.

Drive the car up the ramp, you may need a bit of speed.

You will be automatically switched to Trevor. Now drive to the next way point in Paleto Bay.

Enjoy listening to the conversation, as it's a very long ride.

Eventually the police will begin to pursue you.

Franklin will drive a car off the truck.

This car is fitted with gadgets, spike strips and guns.

When a police car gets in front of you, use the guns to take out its tires. You can only aim the guns with the car steering.

Drop spikes on the cops that get behind you.

Once you're clear of the cops, drive to the next way point.

Now talk to Molly and the mission ends.

To get gold:
  • Time - Complete the mission within 12 minutes. During the long drive, go around cars in your way to save time.
  • Not a Scratch - Complete the mission with minimal damage to the JB700 car.
  • Shredder - Take out three cop cars using spikes. Use the spikes on the cops at least 3 times.