How To Load K2HD Files Using USB

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Same steps as the Plus and Pro.... Factory file/factory reset/New file/Factory reset, then setup and scan.

1- Download the files you wish to install. You should always start with the Factory file before loading any others.

2- Unzip and add the files to your USB stick. Insert USB into front or rear USB slot.

3- Press Menu, then use the arrow buttons to navigate over to Info/Upgrade.

4- Use arrow buttons to navigate to Software Upgrade and press OK.

5- Select the Factory file from USB menu using the arrow buttons, then press OK

The file will begin to load, Do Not interrupt the download.
When the file is loaded the receiver will reboot on its own.
Then Press Menu and Data Reset from the Installation menu and choose Factory Setting.

Do these same steps for every file you load.

Once you have done this, proceed to Installation and set up your sats one at a time.
After applying the settings to a sat, press the red button to begin scanning.
Then go to the next sat you want to set up and do the same.
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