Making Windows XP Start 60% Faster Tutorial


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Whenever you start your computer, you are faced with a few moments of thumb twiddling while Windows XP boots and prompts you to log on. Although you should expect to wait for a few moments, sometimes Windows XP seems to boot rather slowly. In fact, you may notice that over a period of time the PC that used to roar to life seems a bit sluggish instead. Fortunately, you can perform several techniques that help Windows XP get the bootup speed you want. This tutorial explores how to put these techniques to work.

# Stopping Unneeded Startup Services
# Manual IP Addressing on Small Office/Home Networks
# Disabling Recent Documents History
# Disabling the Boot Logo
# Removing Unwanted Fonts
# Stopping Remote Assistance and Remote Desktop Sharing
# Speeding Up the Dual-Boot Timeout
# Speeding Up Your PPPoE Connection
# Reducing the Wait Time
# Automatically Killing Tasks on Shutdown

Download the attachment you may need winrar go here

Happy tweaking!

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Redownload the file, I couldn't remember what the password was so I changed it to pete.