Man involved in police shooting charged


Charges have been laid against a 31-year-old man who was allegedly part of the home invasion that led to the shooting death of a man by Montreal police on Sunday.

Danny Provencal faces 11 charges in relation to breaking into a couple's home, pointing a restricted weapon at them, holding them against their will, and threatening to kill them.

The Quebec provincial police investigation surrounding the death of 27-year-old career criminal Patrick Saulnier, of Longueuil, continued Tuesday.

Police allege that Provencal and Saulnier plotted the invasion of the Windermere Road home in Beaconsfield looking for drugs, and left when they realized there was no marijuana in the home.

Provencal allegedly took the wheel of the getaway vehicle, but lost control and struck another car, then left the scene without offering assistance.

There was a chase and Montreal police shot and killed Saulnier.

Crown prosecutor Carolyne Paquin said both Provencal and Saulnier had long criminal records.

One of Provencal's friends who attended Monday's arraignment said Provencal had been released from jail in January. He will stay in prison until at least his bail hearing. No date has been set yet.

Meanwhile, police officers on Montreal's West Island will be going door to door to reassure homeowners their neighbourhood is safe.