Reputation Points

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Q. What are Reputation Points?
A. They're a user defined rating system based on your helpfulness in the forums. Users rate each other based on their postings or private messages. You must be a registered user in order to give Reputation Points.

Q. What are they good for?
A. They let you know which users can help you and perhaps which users to avoid.

Q. How do I get Points?
A. You get points by posting helpful information. The opposite is also true, you can get points taken away.

Q. How do I give Points?
A. Click the scale icon under his/her avatar picture. It will say 'Add to (user's) Reputation'.


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You can also add reputation points by clicking "Thumbs up!" on a persons post. If someone has helped you or you like their post for some reason. Thumbs up! them.

There is also the opposite option. Thumbs down! Thumbs down will take reputation points away. If someone is posting garbage and useless crap, use the thumbs down! Please use it sparingly as users lose too many rep points they will lose the ability to use some site features.

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