Son steps up following death of foster mom


A Lloydminster man hopes to fill the shoes of his mother — a long-time foster parent in northern Saskatchewan who was killed last month in a highway accident.

When Yvette Lafontaine, 60, died Jan. 22 in a crash on Highway 312 just east of Rosthern, she left seven foster children behind.

Her adult son, Warren Lafontaine, says the seven are like his brothers and sisters. Now, he and his girlfriend want to move back to the family home in Batoche to look after them.

"They've been here for quite a few years and they're family," he said. "This is their home, this is their school, this is their life."

Two of the children are no longer with the group, but the other five, some who are in kindergarten, hope to stay together, he said.

"They're struggling, but they're getting through. We're talking to them and just assuring them that we're here for them. We're going to be their pillars now, [so] that they have someone to turn to."

The provincial Social Services ministry wouldn't comment directly on the case.

Lafontaine still needs to be approved to run a foster home. He'll need to go through training and a screening process.

He's also finalizing plans to move from Lloydminster, which is on the border between Alberta and Saskatchewan.