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My dad took his pc to Staples :jimlad: to reinstall his usb ports and add antivirus software and low and behold the pc worked when it went in and they said that due to my dad installing a joystick from Future Shop it must have fried his mother board ! :err: The problem is that my dad believed him and it almost cost him 250.00 until me the asshole son :realmad: stepped in and stopped this from happening.I know you are all thinking "how stupid is his dad":goofy: .He might not be the brightest bulb but he is not retarded either. Just trying to give all yall a heads up!

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How true, big box store's are not the freindliest. I went there looking for a laptop for a friend . I wanted one with xp, they had two Tossiba's one with Vista, for $699, and one with XP for $1399, go figure. When I ask why, they told me it's because Microsoft doesn't want them selling anymore products with xp. So I asked then why are they selling it for such a high price, shouldn't it be off the shelf if your previous statement is true. He didn't responed and walked away.:mad: