Woman dies after butt implants



SOUTHWEST PHILADELPHIA - February 8, 2011 (WPVI) -- Police and federal authorities are investigating the death of a 20-year-old British woman after she had a procedure to enhance her buttocks.

Sources have identified the victim as Claudia Adusei of Great Britain.

According to officials, Adusei and three other women from Great Britain checked into the Hampton Inn on Bartram Avenue in Southwest Philadelphia on Saturday.

Police say two of the women came specifically for enhancement procedures while the other two were planning a trip to New York.

"The other two came for a birthday party [and] to go to New York to visit," Lt. John Walker of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

At noon on Monday, police say two women performed the enhancement procedure on the two British tourists. One received hip and buttocks injections and Adusei received injections just to the buttocks.

At around 1:30 Tuesday morning, medics were called to the hotel.

"They had a female experiencing some trouble breathing, some chest pains," Walker said.

Adusei was rushed to Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital where she was pronounced dead.

Detectives are trying to learn more about how common this procedure is in the area.

"This is the first one we had; we're looking into it with other agencies. As we expand this out, we'll determine how big it actually is," Walker said.

It has yet to be determined where the women who allegedly performed this procedure are from or if they're licensed, but sources say at least one is not local.

Only preliminary information is being released so far about the death of the 20-year-old.

Commonly in these cases, silicone or silicone oil is injected, neither of which is FDA approved to inject in the skin, but police are awaiting toxicology reports on the exact makeup of the substance.

Adusei's friend who received the enhancement on the hip and buttocks has been medically cleared.