4DTV C-Band


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In case anyone has a 4dtv receiver that they haven't sold yet there is a guy in Chicago under the name C-band Forever/ Glentech who is advertising that he replaces batteries and remaps these receivers. He has burned countless people and it has been documented on many FTA sites on the net. If you have one of these receivers steer clear of this guy. But don't take my word for it, have a look around. ATS electronics in North Carolina still services these and have a good reputation.


I hope there is a is a mod you can do to the 4DTV (920) to add a base band outcome. Here it is (Note: I do not know if this performs or not):
How To Tap Base band Movie On Your 4DTV Receiver:
- Remove the cover of the 4dtv recipient with the torx driver.
- Carefully cut a small area of insulating material from the
base band wire with knife.
- Solder the center wire of the guarded wire to base band
wire you just removed.