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Hi everyone,

I searched long and hard to find a useful tutorial and finally stumbled across a spectacular tutorial from WIZZARD. Thank you for creating such a wonderful guide WIZZARD. Much appreciated.

Right now, I have gotten to the point where I was able to scan and lock onto roughly 15 channels on dish 119 satellite. Running the mythfrontend allows me to Lock on and view those 15 channels successfully. Now I need to scan for the remaining channels. I tried to use the myth's internal built-in scanner by Alt-tab back to terminal and running myth-setup then channel editor and then channel scanner but as soon as I run myth-setup it kills the satellite feed that I'm watching. From my understanding I need to scan for the remaining channels while a feed is playing in order to get the rest of the channels. I searched all over for the myth-scanner program that was talked about in another guide but haven't been able to find it. I've found other programs like nscan and dvbscan but can't seem to find the right commands to run those even after reading the readme files. When I run nscan or dvbscan it keeps defaulting to adapter0 instead of adapter1 and I'm not sure how to tell it otherwise. If I could find and download myth-scanner then I could just copy and paste this command listed from another guide: "/.myth_scanner -add_channels -delete_channels -adapter 1"

Anyone have any idea where I can find myth-scanner? How about the correct commands for running dvbscan or nscan? Or even how to run the built in scanner as talked about in this guide without killing the feed?

Here's some info on my setup if it will help anyone:
AMD64 dual core
A8N32-SLI motherboard
Technisat Skystar2 DVB-S
Ubuntu 8.10

Thanks in advance for any help.


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Okay, so I went back and read a little more carefully. Apparently in this particular guide you don't need the feed to continually run while scanning with myth. I also realized that Wizzard was stating to do a full channel scan on existing transponders. I did that and noticed that when it locked on something it would eventually go to a message "Timeout -- no tables". What does that mean exactly? After a couple hours the scan completed but no additional channels were added. Also, in case anyone was wondering, the signal strength and signal/noise during the time that it locks on were in the high 70s to 80s.

What now? Can anyone help?