Teen stabbed to death in Winnipeg



A confrontation in a Winnipeg home spilled out into the street, leaving a 16-year-old boy dead and a 28-year-old man under arrest.

Police said they were called about a stabbing in the 700 block of Allegheny Drive at 11:25 p.m. CT Friday.

"Attending members located a 16-year-old injured male who was being assisted by people in the area," police said in a release Saturday. The boy died in hospital from his wounds.

Police said their investigation found the boy was caught up in a "minor dispute with several occupants within a residence." They said he left the home and a 28-year-old man followed him outside.

"It was at this time a confrontation erupted and the 16-year-old male was stabbed to the upper body," police said.

No charges were announced but the suspect was under arrest.