LG 8500 Chocolate unlock!!!!


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Does anybody have any info or programs or procedures on how to unlock cell phones, the Lg Chocolate (8500) in particular. If so it would be greatly appreciated. I have the phone/usb cable for the pc, if that makes it any easier.


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5150studios said:
OK so as promised here we go..

This guide is intended for people that create their own ringtones from material in which they own the rights to.

These instructions are as simple as they come!

you will need the following programs and drivers.

- BitPim http://bitpim.org/

- USB driver found here - http://www.humpa.com/vzw/ (select LG-VX8500 Chocolate Drivers - these came with the MEK Music Essentials Kit - Chocolate USB Drivers)

Make sure you install the USB modem driver first before connecting phone to computer!

1. Open the FILE SYSTEM by clicking on the folder next to the window with FILE SYSTEM listed in it.

2. Once expanded look for the folder named "BREW" click on it

3. Look for a folder under the BREW directory named "16452" click on it
4. Then click on "MDS" and drag and drop all MP3's into the window to the right that you want to use as ringtones. (keep in mind to keep a bitrate of 192kbps for quality sound on the mp3)

5. Once you have the mp3s loaded, click on the "send data to phone" button in the upper left corner of the window.

6. A new window will pop up, check mark "RINGTONES" and click on OK

7. The phone will then make a short dial noise and pop up a new larger window with a bunch of information, click on "OK" at the bottom.

8. DISCONECT the phone and POWERCYCLE!. You now have all the MP3's loaded on the phone and are able to select them as ringtones


For those that do not have a transflash card here is how you load wallpapers.

Instead of clicking on the MDS folder in step 4 click on MP and drag and drop all wallpapers in this window. keep in mind that the screen size is around 240x275. and then follow steps 5 to 7 (same process as the mp3's)

Good luck and ENJOY your new RINGTONES

Let us know how you make out.
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Thanks for the tips...but...how do I drag the files from "my sounds" to the MP3 folder? It is not allowing me.


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Make a folder on your computer for your ring tunes. Put all you mp3's in that folder and drag and drop in to Bitpim.


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Thanx very much for all the help. Great job on the info and how fast the team responded! That was exactly what I was looking for!!!!! Once again EXCELLENT work!!!!!! Till the next time, Talk to You later.


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don't work

hey i did everything you said i got the driver for it i even got the dll and the firmware but i cant connect trough bitpim it doesnt work it just wont connect please help.:cry: