Man shot by police in downtown Banff



An RCMP officer shot and wounded a man in Banff, Alta. on Friday after allegedly being attacked with a hypodermic needle.

At about noon, RCMP tried to stop a vehicle on the Trans-Canada Highway near Banff for a traffic infraction, police said.

The SUV didn't stop, but proceeded into the townsite at slow speeds.

The vehicle was eventually pulled over on Banff Avenue, at which time an RCMP officer attempted to grab the keys out of the vehicle's ignition.

Police said the driver tried to stab the Mountie with a needle. The officer fired one round from his pistol into the vehicle.

The SUV drove away, travelling eastbound on the Trans-Canada Highway.

RCMP began a pursuit, but called it off because of traffic.

Traffic on the Trans-Canada was stopped in an effort to reduce the danger, police said. Spikebelts were deployed, but the vehicle avoided them.

Spikebelts near Canmore eventually disabled the vehicle. The occupant got out, "again threatening with a needle," and was Tasered and arrested, police said.

The suspect is receiving medical care for a gunshot to the lower body. The injury appears non-life threatening, police said.

No police or members of the public were injured.

The Alberta Serious Incident Response Team will investigate.