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bought a samsung hi def tv last january at future shop to use for display at a wedding show with the hope of it increasing the quality of the samples being shown. what i noticed was that the edges of the picture pixelate little bit especially on texts, even with the supposedly hi def cable connector used. My issue is, with the right cable or not, shouldn't you be able to get the same quality picture with Tube TV or better? why is the extra money paid for this new and improved tv then? anyone with same experience?


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The first thing to remember is that if the signal that you are sending to your new tv is not hi def, then NO, there will not be any improvment in quality. Low signal input equals low output. Its the same if you just use the rf out on a dvd player, you get a so so picture, but if you hook up the red, blue, green cables and switch the output to progressive scan, you will get a much better picture. Hope this helps



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If you could give us a more detailed answer like telling us your model names and numbers of you equipment! You could get a better answer! General questions will get general answers! Also what connections you are using?