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One person's observations; taken from another site.

Yes, Vista (The new "Microsoft ME") has taken all PROGRAM CALLED URL's and turned them into Explorer URL's.

Technically, your not using "Internet Explorer", you are using "Explorer", as in FILE EXPLORER. Windows integrated "IExplorer" into "Explorer" back in Windows 98. However, if you once clicked on any HTTP linked file, windows would "Forward" that file request to any available exterior program.

Vista is trying to do that... However, FireFox is not VISTA ready. So when you tell FireFox to "Be my default browser", it is trying to change the WINDOWS XP registry settings for "Default browser", not the WINDOWS VISTA registry, which does not have the same properties.

I also noticed that PROGRAMS seem to be in a new location, as well as other files. EG, Vista bears little similarity to XP file system, as XP bears little similarity to Win98se.

Do you have the latest version of FireFox? I am not sure if version 2.0.2 is Vista Ready.... (Vista compatible, and Vista ready are NOT the same thing. Compatible = it will function on it's own but may not integrate or uninstall properly, Ready = it will install, integrate, and uninstall as expected.)