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If your receiver get stuck at a boot Loader stage (Ex. C107 or 10500), please follow the below instructions using RS232 Null modem cable and CNX Loader to recover your receiver. If you
cannot recover your receiver by CNX Loader , please send in your receiver to CNX repair center with a copy of receipt, a brief explanation of problem, shipping and contact information.

1. Turn off the receiver from the rear power.
2. Connect your receiver and computer with RS232 cable.
A. Null Modem Cable is Required for ALL CNX Products.
3. Go to your computer.
4. Close all the applications completely or restart the computer.
5. Open the Loader program.
6. Click Connection and select Connect.
7. Select your port connection according to your computer port and click Ok
A. Check COM# open ok on the bottom.
8. Click Set-top Box and select FIRMWARE Upgrade.
9. Click Select and look for “.ldr” file for your receiver model.
A. If you don’t see it, type in “*” in the file name and press (only) Enter on
key board.
10. Double click on “.ldr” file.
11. Click Upgrade
12. Turn your receiver ON from the rear power. Boot Loader version should be
display on front panel and should see Debug Print loading “ex_send”.
A. Boot Loader version is different depends on the model of your receiver
and/or version of FIRMWARE .
13. Wait for about 5 minutes.
14. “ex_send” should’ve been stop.
A. Indication of finish loading: widen the Loader window box and should see
“Branding to loaded code image’s entry”
15. Click Close to close the Loader window box.
16. Close Mvision Loader program.
A. Before you reboot you box, Loader program MUST be Closed .
17. Turn your receiver off and on from the rear power.
18. Now your receiver is recovered.
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