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NAG3 Cracked in Europe?-

This was posted out on net true or not here it is .....
NAG3 Cracked in Europe?- An Update
My thread that I started yesterday was closed, as some replied it was an old posting and was not true - Nag3 was not cracked in Europe. I can absolutely confirm that Nag3 has been cracked in parts of Europe. I got my original confirmation directing from Germany. I do not post rumours.

This was also reported on this site I believe about a week ago, about it being announced on a US Radio FTA talkshow.

The talk show host said.. "The American coders went to France in June of 2008 and cracked Nag3 for BEV and DN,
they are just waiting for DN to fully go to Nag3 and they will release the code".""

They have confirmed tonight it is true; They have Internet relay chat channels. A friend joined their mIRC room tonight for me, and one of the people in charge in there confirmed this true. So DN and B3V HAVE been HACKED!. They also confirmed they have working bins for all brands of receivers. They said they will be having another show about this soon again so stay tuned and look in the schedule.
Is this rumor or not ??????? who knows keep fingers crossed .... Also rumors of Nagra 4 coming soon who knows.....


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That's what it is only a Rumor,....................... Dn is not going to spend millions on Nag 4 when Nag 3 is not in fully effect still work in process........................LOL

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Ahh, not quite, Wiz. Charlie Ergen alluded to a Nag4 card at a recent shareholder meeting, in fact.

So it could be that the rumor is correct; Nag3 may just be a temporary stopgap measure.

And it's all on Nagrastar's dime... ??????? Rumor Rumor Rumor ????????


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sure N4 is in developpment as N3 will get too old some day ...

let them at least 2 years on N3 ,then N4 will be more actuallity ...

r24x , N3 is not a card like S0x or 206 ,that was already N2 running ...

S0x and 206 was a lame attempt to secure their signal , finally they update rev to fit dynamic algo ...

anyway different cat to skin ...

btw ,thank's for the source:

this is what have bring me here :)