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OMG, already, the horror stories are rolling in on Vista...

"Windows Vista" is kindly being called "The New Windows ME"

May I remind you...
- Win 3.5 = OK, (Just don't expect to do more than print and save)
- Win 95 = OK, (Just don't expect more than one thing to work at once)
- Win 98se = OK, (No more support, but you can find all updates)
- Win NT = BAD, (No support, but you can find many updates, some even work)
- Win 2K = OK, (If your a business, and not on the net)
- Win ME = BAD, (No more support, and no updates if you reinstall)
- Win XP-home = GOOD, (Supported, and security available)
- Win XP-pro = BEST, (Supported, and tons of security)
- Win Media = WORST, (Flaws, flaws, flaws)
- Win Tablet = OK, (Runs like XP, but it locks-up a lot)
- Win Longhorn = WORST, (Roll back, roll back)
- Win Vista = OK, if it runs (Better than ME, and not as good as XP)

Next version of windows...
- Win Zero = BEST, (This includes all previous versions of windows, and lets you select which one you want to destroy your computer.)
-- RAM: 400TB
-- CPU: (Quad) 10Ghz cpu's
-- HD: (Quad) Redundant Raid 80TB hard drives (80,000,000 RPM)
-- VIDEO: 100TB, 2Ghz FSB, 10,000,000 voxels per. sec.
-- RESOULTION: 40,000px X 20,000px
-- NEURAL LINK: Replaces Keyboard and Mouse, security against key loggers. (Power Surge Link Optional)
-- CD: 400 layer data cube replaces depreciated CD's
-- MODEM: T40 GBps required.
-- POWER: 40,000Watt PS, with external cooling exhaust and emergency overheat, as required by all local building zone codes. See contractors and state for availability and land rights require to build external nitrogen coolers.

** NOTES: This may not even work, but we should have an update ready before we stop supporting it, and we release the new "Windows Beta".

No Warranty

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Here is another one. Windows Vista's new logo:v_SPIN:


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