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Simple "How To" for Fortec Lifetime Ultra (2500 clones)


How to Flash:

Pansat 2500 and Clones

FIRST – You will need the latest Loader from BlackList (BL Loader v1.4)

SECOND – You will need the latest Bin file.

One thing to keep in mind is whether you have an Original Pansat or a Clone.

If you have an Original then you will use BlackLists Latest bin.

To identify Pansat 2500 Bins I’ve included a quick explanation:


X- 85 = Pansat 2500

BL = BlackList, the coder for Pansat Bins

060927 = The date the Bin was created by Blacklist...
06 = year 2006
09 = month September
27 = day of the month
279 is the sequence of Bin base don previous releases

X-85BL_060927_279_db_api(N).zip....this bin was created by BlackList for the Pansat 2500 in September 27, 2006...and the BIN number 279. The previous bin was 278 and the next would be 280.

Remember you have to use the correct bin for you receiver. Bins are not interchangeable.

Also the X-85 Series of Bins by BlackList is specifically for use with Original Pansat 2500 - NOT CLONES.

If you have a clone, then you will need to use the latest Clone Safe Bin by ChancySand which is identified in the description of the file as “CLONE SAFE”…

THIRD – You will need to use a RS232-DB9 Straight Cable.

After you have these materials we can move on to the flashing procedure itself.

There are three known working methods of flashing a receiver; however I will only discuss one (the one I normally use) as it is the easiest method in my opinion.

Steps to follow:

1. Turn your receiver off using the rear power button.

2. Disconnect the receiver from the electrical outlet on the wall.

3. Disconnect the receiver from the television and the Coax Cable from the Sat.

NOTE: If your Flash Cable reaches your receiver where it is located then the above steps 2 & 3 can be omitted.

4. Reconnect your receiver to the wall electrical outlet, but DO NOT turn on the power on the receiver.

5. Connect the RS232-DB9 Straight cable to your PC and Receiver.

6. Open the BlackList Loader and configure your Communications Port (COM 1, 2 or 3) which ever your computer is using. Then Select the Bin file to you are going to Flash.

7. Turn your receiver on using the rear power button and wait for it to complete the boot sequence. You will now see a message on the front of the receiver “On” or a channel number.

8. Turn your receiver off using the front power button or the remote.

9. Now select either “Write to STB” or “Download” (depending on the loader you are using).

10. You will immediately see a progress percentage on your computer as well as the front receiver display.


* If you do not see a progress percentage you have selected the wrong Com Port so you will need to start the process again using a different Com Port.
* It if very important that once the flash commenced and you see a progress you DO NOT interrupt the process.

11. Once the flash is complete you will see a completed message on your computer screen and your receiver will restart it self.

12. Reconnect your receiver to your television making sure the last thing you reconnect is the power cable to the wall outlet.

13. Verify that your antenna configurations then exit out and turn to either USA or ESPN and wait for your keys to autoroll. Keep in mind the autoroll process can also take up to an hour.

How to Manually Input Keys Pansat 2500 and Clones:

1. Hit the Menu button.

2. Then scroll down to Parental Code, and hit “OK”.

3. Then go to Second Pin and enter all zeros. (0000)

4. Now scroll down to Nagravision 2 and hit “OK”

5. On Provider ID, select the Provider you need, Dish Net, or Bev.

6. Move down to Key Number. Depending on what key you need to enter, you will change the key number by using the left or right arrows only. Key 86 is the same as Key Number 00, and Key 96 is the same as Key Number 01.

7. At the bottom of the page it will tell you which buttons to use to get the
appropriate letters for your keys.

8. Once you have changed the necessary keys, hit the “OK” button and make sure that the “OK Store” words blink at the bottom right corner.

9. Exit all the way out of your Menu, and change channel.

10. Watch TV.
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